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One of the best known mountain tourist destinations, suitable for everyone from families to sportsmen, where fun, sports, shopping, nature and relaxation are mixed in a unique landscape.


Livigno and Valtellina.

The name “Livigno” has not certain origins: some people say it originates from the word “lupino” (lupine), while others say it comes from the word “slavina”(avalanche). The location, climate and landscape around this town would actually lead us to consider the second option as the most plausible.

Livigno is located at 1816 meters above sea level, in a 12 km long valley surrounded by mountains which reach a height of 3000 meters, and is crossed by the Spöl stream (Aqua Granda in local dialect).

Until the middle of the last century Livigno could only be reached in summer; when the road was opened also in winter, winter tourism began to grow.

Nowadays, Livigno is one of the best known mountain tourist destinations, suitable for everyone, from families to sports enthusiasts, where fun, sports, shopping, nature and relaxation blend in a truly unique landscape.


Summer at high altitude in Livigno means nature, walks, fun and sport: in a few words, it is suitable for everyone.

Families can enjoy several activities organized for children as well as the possibility of living an adventure on their own every day: a walk in contact with nature and animals, an afternoon by the lake with kayaks, stand up paddle boards, rowing boats and pedal boats; there is also the Bike Skill Center, a circuit where you can learn cycling without training wheels or improve your bike riding technique, the Slide & Fun at Aquagranda, with castles, waterfalls, spray parks and slides.

Sports enthusiasts cannot miss trekking and walking, with 17 km of cycle trails and pedestrian paths as well as numerous routes that wind through the valleys: Val Federia, Val delle Mine, Val Alpisella and Val Nera. Everybody knows Yoga, but maybe you haven’t tried Yoga Experience yet, directly at 3000 meters above sea level.

Larix Park, an adventure park with ropes, pulleys, Nepalese bridges, lianas and wooden walkways. The Golf Training Area, a training ground where even beginners can play golf. Aquagranda is not just swimming pools, it also includes tennis courts, beach tennis and beach volleyball courts, and an athletics track. What about plogging? A practice of Swedish origin which consists of collecting waste while walking and allows you to take part in a dedicated competition. 

You can get to Livigno using Trenino Rosso del Bernina.


Located on the border with Switzerland, in Alta Valtellina, Livigno welcomes its guests by offering sport, culture and shopping.

Mountain lovers definitely won’t be disappointed, many kinds of sports can be practiced in this snowy valley, which is not surprisingly called Little Tibet.

Thanks to abundant snowfalls you can have fun by practicing many activities, including classic alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering up to more relaxing snowshoeing, walking and fat biking. Many routes are available, featuring different levels of difficulty and suitable for everyone, they are well marked and beaten every time after snowfalls. You can spend your days in total safety by following the signalled paths.

Not only sports, but also many typical dishes to taste: from the traditional pizzoccheri to polenta, without missing a walk in the town centre amongst numerous shops that sell several items, from clothing to technology, from cosmetics to duty-free goods. For duty-free purchases, you can refer to the tabella merceologica.

To take a step back in time and discover the traditions of Livigno and Trepalle, the perfect place to visit is the Mus, museum: you can discover it on your own or, if you prefer, accompanied by an audio guide or on a guided tour.

After a dip into the past, enjoy relaxation at Aquagranda Active You, which offers wellness, sport, fun and delicacies.

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