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Sankt Moritz


Saint Moritz.

Saint Moritz located in Val Engadina (Canton of Grisons) and positioned on the shores of the lake, which takes its name from the town, is one of the favorite tourist destinations from all over Europe.

A real paradise for mountain and winter and summer sports lovers (skiing, snowboarding with dedicated park, cross-country skiing, polo, cricket and in summer trekking, golf, windsurfing and sailing, tennis and horse riding), declared “Top of the world “, a name protected by a quality brand, recognized in the world thanks to the style, elegance and class thanks to its hotels and luxury shops, guaranteeing exceptional offers for sport, but also for cultural events and shopping .

Saint Moritz is divided as follows:

– Saint Moritz-Dorf (upper part of the city) where there are hotels, shops and the most exclusive clubs, often frequented by VIPs, developed near the Piazza della Posta Veglia, with also the town hall and the Protestant Church and 2 museums , one on the engadine and the second by the artist Giovanni Segantini (1858-99).

– Saint Moritz-Bad (lower part of the city), known above all for the “Kurhaus” thermal baths, famous for the iron-rich waters that flow underground and for the casino.

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